Live Rehearsals Recommencing on 22 June

Type of post: Chorus news item
Posted By: Adrian Gimpel
Status: Current
Date Posted: Thu, 18 Jun 2020
It’s very exciting to know that we can, and will, officially recommence rehearsals on Monday June 22 at 7.00pm!

To be able to do this we were required to submit a COVID19 safety plan to the management of our rehearsal venue. This plan has been has been approved and we are expected to abide by certain conditions so that we may continue to rehearse. 

Here's the plan:
  1. Social distancing is still in place so we will be spacing out members (2sqm rule) when we sing. We will have spots marked out where singers will stand.
  2. Chairs will be placed 1.5m apart around the edge of the hall on which you can leave any belongings you may have.
  3. We will appoint someone to monitor social distancing on the night so don’t be offended if you are suddenly tackled to the ground, handcuffed and removed from the premises for disregarding the “distancing”. 
  4. You will be required to use hand sanitiser (provided) before entering the hall and it will be available for use when you leave.
  5. You will be required to enter your full name and phone number on an attendance sheet. We will be submitting this information to the venue management each week.
  6. If you notice any signs of fever, dry cough, runny nose or any other respiratory symptoms then you are expected to refrain from coming to rehearsal. Just make sure you let us know.
  7. If you suspect that you may have, or definitely have, come into contact with a person who has COVID19 then please do not come to rehearsal, and inform someone on the leadership team.
  8. If any member contracts COVID19 then we will have to suspend rehearsals for at least two weeks. All cases will be reviewed individually based on frequency of attendance to rehearsal of said member and actual diagnosis.
  9. We will be expected to clean door handles at the end of rehearsals and any other surfaces we may use such as tables or benches (this includes toilet area).
  10. For the time being we will restrict rehearsals to members or those who intend to become members so that numbers are kept to a minimum.
Please note that for regular members who feel that it is not appropriate for themselves to recommence in-person rehearsals at this time then that is absolutely fine! This is a personal decision so we encourage members to return only when they believe it is safe or appropriate for them to do so.

If you would like any other information on COVID19 then visit

Looking forward to singing with you all on Monday!